about us


we are cass & ricardo, owners of susoriginals!

allow me to tell you a little about our business. starting at the source.

we spend hours upon hours sourcing our fabric. each clothing item we make is hand picked. we make sure everything is the highest of quality, especially gravitating toward vintage, made in usa. as these pieces are old and worn out, we bring them back to life by repairing ripped seams, covering stains, chopping up the fabric to create something completely new, or simply giving it a more modern and fresh look. used clothing still has a lot to offer. we help bring value back into tossed clothing and they become desirable, one of a kind wearable art pieces. the alternative? consuming an enormous amount of resources to create new fabric, despite thrift stores overflowing with fabric of all kinds. did you know it requires 700 gallons of water to produce 1 new cotton tee shirt? this is what we are counteracting at susoriginals. 

it’s important to us to use 100% secondhand fabric because it allows us to create fully sustainable clothing. being able to create a new unique piece out of something that someone no longer wanted is such a pleasure. everything is one of a kind and extremely special. 

integrating art into my sewing has been one of the greatest joys of my life. this has been my creative outlet for the past three years, and i have created many original designs and ideas! i’m always striving to innovate and do things that have never been seen before. 

how else is susoriginals sustainable? well, we also try to create as little waste as possible by using all scraps! additionally, we use eco-friendly packaging made from recycled material that can be reused. every single piece is handmade by us ethically as opposed to fast fashion sweatshops. each purchase is carbon neutral thanks to shopify planet. making a positive influence on the world is our core value, and we make every decision with sustainability in mind.

by supporting our business you are supporting our dreams and goals. we both have always wanted to have our own businesses and make a huge impact for good. we have big dreams for helping our families, community, and world in many ways. thank you for supporting our future as a couple, and as a collective. 

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